a cutting-edge platform to improve and secure game keys distribution

The best distribution platform, period!

Point Nexus offers video game players the best platform for distributing digital video games and related products.

A simplified collab

The various players in the video game industry can now work hand in hand with tremendous ease.

Publishers focus on editing and publishing their video games and can finally regain confidence in the revenue shared model.
Distributors can now offer an unmatched level of transparency in their service. Gone are the days of cross-referencing and consolidating monthly reports, everything is tracked in real time.
The stock available to retailers is dedicated and guaranteed to them, and they can solicit their supplier with just a few clicks if more is needed.

Everything is automated

Define your rules, and let our robots do the work for you. License keys inventories are automatically managed for each of your partners according to your conditions.

Everything is traced

Point Nexus tracks every event carried out on the circulating licenses down to the key itself.

It is now impossible to lose track of your most precious assets: your game licenses.


Get precise information and figures regarding the performance of your distribution.

Point Nexus offers comprehensive dashboards and allows for daily analysis of your business.

An API for every taste

Publishers have the ability to access all events on the platform in order to consolidate them internally.

Distributors and Retailers, can access their keys and proceed with their sales in real time thanks to an ultra-simple API to integrate.

Joining Their Forces

Point Nexus provides a truly unique platform, optimized and well-balanced for all players in the video game industry, eager to work efficiently and collaboratively with their partners.

Fight against grey market

By fostering seamless coordination among video game industry players, we can collectively strike at the heart of unauthorized and illegitimate sales.

Collaboration is our most powerful tool-working together, we safeguard the integrity of our products, protect our profits, and preserve the trust of our valued players.

Stand strong with us in the fight against the grey market.

Regain control of their distribution

You can now regain meticulous control over your distribution.

We empower you to steer your distribution strategy with precision. Our platform is tailored to meet your specific needs.